Monday, April 5, 2010

hello and CU in a couple of days!

hello lovers!

im posting to announce that we will have a short break from posting since we both go on DIGITAL-LOVE trips around the world! XD

palm is already in dublin, then we both meet in barcelona for some heavy duty actions, then montpelier and then paris :)

we ll both be back at around 16 of april..

we ll try to post anything that happens from there but i had to announce it anyway.. :P

if there are any street artists that whould like to wheatpaste, paint, trade stickers or anything with us in those areas make sure to contact us here or at

we leave you friends to keep it alive in greece as long as we are not here
and we ll be back with a whole bunch of photos!


peace and love

editing this post from Dublin,
just to post 2 photos from a lovely island in Ireland ;)

and drink guiness for the win!:P


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