Wednesday, April 14, 2010

back / news and some photos from facebook


i just came back from beautiful barcelona today..
have to say it was an amazing city and an amazing trip! and i also have to say that WE TOTALLY KILLED THAT CITY WITH STICKERS!
it is mad indeed! :P

palm left from barcelona to montpelier and then paris :P
im back to keep an eye in athens :P

till now we got photo packs from DUBLIN and BARCELONA.. soon we ll have from MONTPELIER and PARIS..

i ll upload photos from our latest trips from 18 of this month because i have to collect them all for a MASSIVE update..

until then here are some photos uploaded in our facebook group page from the people that kept spreading it while we were away!
as we can see DIGITAL LOVE isnt ours at all! its everyone's that wants to spread it.. and thats how it should be!


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