Sunday, April 18, 2010

NEWS / photos of yes & palm / BLOG

hello lovers!

the last days have been some really crazy days!

first of all we ll have to postpone our photo update from our trips because PALM, who has most of the photos, is STUCK IN PARIS! (due to all this volcano madness) :P
he was supposed to come back today but no one knows when he ll be back :P
hahah so good luck there mate!

other news is that we can finaly upload these CRAZY photos of us, taken by our mate George the Gou..
one of them got published in ATHENS VOICE free press..
make sure to check our mate George the Gou out!

last but not least is that my personal blog is up (AGAIN :P).. featuring digital love as one of my first posts (the easy thing to do hahaha) so if you have time check it out and tell me what you think!

peace love and rock n roll!


  1. nai nai. "den borw exei hfaisteio" auti i dikaiologia kathieronete :P

  2. sas eida sthn ahtens voice...
    mou faineste foveroi k oi 2 :)

  3. χαχαχα μας κολακευει η φωτο.. ειμαστε λιγο ξενερωτοι στη πραγματικοτητα :P

    χαιρομαστε πολυ παντως!
    keep in touch! :)

  4. xaxaxa..
    prwth fora akouw an8rwpo na leei oti einai xenerwtos.... :p