Wednesday, March 31, 2010


hello lovers!!

after formating my PC and getting rid of the 2390434235454569939 trojans, worms, rootkits and every type of virus i had, i was glad to finally read our interview at illicit exhibitions blog and cheer up!
here is the link to the digital love post:

and thats not all!
we had the honor to get featured in another blog, OUTSIDER mag with a post in spanish (which i tried to translate in greek and laughed my ass off with chrome's translator :P)

i want to thank the two bloggers that spread the love even more.. :) cheers and love!

second thing now..

we printed a whole bunch of stickers and we are ready to start mailing them all over!

so if you want to spread the love with some stickers make sure to send us your mailing adress @ and we ll do the rest (as long as we dont run out of stickers and mailing money :P)

so we are waiting for your adress!

thats all for now my digital friends

LO ...wait for it... VE ! :P

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