Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2 great FREE days

we had the honor to paint at this 2 day festival, organised by the people of Agia Paraskevi in athens..
it was 2 days with music, conversations, games for the little ones, some live painting by us and much more..
too bad thats all we could paint due to the FREEZING COLD.. :P

we had the luck to meet a designer / graphic artist, called greg.. he is the one who wrote ":monkeyshit" with these amazing letters :P

here is his flickr page, make sure to check this letter lover out..

also if you are greek make sure to check this blog out:

if you want to see more articles about the event check this out too.. (greek also):

wall by yes, palm and greg :)

we hope to see more of these actions soon in our town..

love and appreciation

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