Tuesday, June 1, 2010

long time no see lovers..


long time no see..

the truth is that we both got drown at work..

but we ll get up again! :P

im also having serious PC problems, that is the basic reason i delayed the updates on montpelier and paris... and that is also the reason i havent edited the post on barcelona yet (with even more pics)..

NEW STICKER PACKS ARE HERE! so i ll start mailing to anyone i havent mailed till now..

other news is that we "took part" at the cast-a-blast sticker combo event, we were organizing it actually..
photos of it can be found @ my personal blog HERE..

we will also start spreading some t-shirts again.. but keep in touch for more..

we have to send some stickers and sell some t-shirts that we owe for some time now, so lets get done with that and then start over..

other news is that despite our absence, digital love's facebook group page is still ON FIRE, so take into consideration that you can always go there for more...

we also discovered (through the group) that another post about digital love was made at a blog..
take some time to check it, HERE

that is all for now.. more coming soon..

dont forget to spread it, join it, share it, blog it, love it and do anything you can to give love at these wierd times of hate..

with love
digital lovers
Y.E.S. and PALM

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