Saturday, June 12, 2010



long time no see!

we ll writing concerning STICKERS and T-SHIRTS...

we ve paused mailing stickers for now...
people wanting stickers can always do the following though..

download this file:

edit it, change it, print in any sizes and stick it as always!

easiest way is to go to a print shop and ask for sticky paper...
and THATS IT..

we ll definatelly start mailing sticker packs soon but until then we had to inform you...

about t-shirts now.. we are out of t-shirts for the time being..
we dont think there are many who didnt get a t-shirt but if anyone actually didnt, send us an email and we ll contact you...

thats all for now..

digital love is back up

for more check: (email)

Y.E.S. and PALM

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